If you asked me a month ago how the year was going, I was in the midst of grieving the loss of my dad, and I didn’t feel as though I had accomplished much. I’d set some pretty high goals, and after my dad took a turn for the worse in August, life took an unexpected turn. At first, I tried to keep up with everything, as though nothing had changed. Eventually, I realized it was time to get essential and focus on what really mattered.

Power Of Daily Rhythms

As I have a clear vision, with clear outcomes, and daily sacred choices (aka habits for those without a Lifebook), my focus shifted to my family. We had already been through my beloved hubby’s diagnosis, so we all knew how important self care was for each of us individually and as a family. As we had to travel back and forth to take care of my dad and his things, it took a toll on us. Eventually, with all the running around, we all ended up with Covid.

Forced to Heal

Covid forced us to slow down, pause, and just be present as we healed. Our heads and bodies were hurting along with our hearts, as we processed our grief. We made space to grieve, to be sad, to be angry and frustrated. We made time to rest and sleep.

Our trip was postponed as we didn’t want anyone to get sick. It actually ended up working out for the best. Some things went on hold, like my plans for Autumn, this space, and clients. Other things came to the forefront, like caring for my core family, seeing and supporting my brother, nephews, and my uncles.

Reflections to Revelations

Here’s the funny thing. Thanks to my sacred choices, I actually accomplished quite a few quarterly and yearly goals that I’d forgotten about. I also accomplished parts of my annual and foundational goals.

  • My eldest daughter and I committed to walking outside, regardless of the weather, for 365 days straight. (In Lifebook categories, that touched on Health & Fitness, Character, Parenting, Emotional, Spiritual, and more depending on the conversation.)
  • We were able to get my youngest braces and my eldest’s wisdom teeth removed. (Financial)
  • I learned a lot about being a POA, Executor, and why you need not just a will, but to let people know just what you want when you die. (Intellectual, Emotional)
  • I ended up discovering my life’s purpose, and being invited to be a leader in the Tony Robbins Community. (Character, Career, Quality of Life)
  • I got to meet some really special Lifebookers in person this year. (Shout out to Heidi, Kathryn, Dagmar, Vinay and Tinu – Social)
  • I created a year’s worth of events with Heidi for our Inner Freedom. Outer Vision Project. (Career, Social, Intellectual, Emotional, Life Vision, and more)
  • I created a year’s worth of meditations for the Lifebook Community for each category. (Career, Spiritual)
  • I met the most amazing people who cared for my dad in the last few months. (Social)
  • And though my beloved hubby and I didn’t get away just the two of us, we ended up deepening our relationship and intimacy. (Love)

It has been a year filled with being outside my comfort zone (and not in ways I planned). From creating events with Heidi, to becoming a long distance care giver and POA for my dad, to making decisions for my father because he couldn’t, to daring to step up as a leader. I was grateful for sacred choices and Lifebook rhythms.

This year was peppered with gifts and tender experiences.

My dad died on October 20th. Thanks to being so in tune with my Emotional Category, I was able to enjoy my favorite season in two states. (The gift of my dad passing in my favorite season – I allowed it to comfort me.) I connected with my family, forging stronger relationships. My familial relationships soared as I was able to spend a lot of time with just my dad before he passed. I saw and hugged my brother and nephews for the first time in 5 years. My uncles and I were able to connect, and they got the opportunity to see my dad before he died. (It had been 2 years since they saw one another or talked).

I met some amazing nurses and people who cared for him. One of which looked like a younger version of me, so my dad believed that I was with him every day of his rehab until his death. He went remembering his loved ones, peacefully in his sleep.

I remember telling people that I didn’t think I would meet my goals this year because of what happened with my dad. When I looked closer though (I do an end-of-year review in December), I was able to see that I’m still moving forward – better than I thought! Even though I didn’t meet the goals I planned, having a firm foundation of sacred choices kept me moving towards my life vision.

Dive Deeper with Journal Prompts

What was your 2022 like? Did you meet your goals? Have you, or will you celebrate the big and the little wins? Did you find the lessons in mistakes or disappointments? What were the gifts?

This month, Heidi and I are hosting an event to encourage you to review your 2022, celebrate and motivate yourself. I’m also leading a meditation so you can reflect on this past year, celebrate your journey, and embrace your vision.

I am excited for 2023. Let’s do this!

If you are interested in a Life Audit document for 2022-2023, contact Dani directly.

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