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An Invitation to a Summer Reset

Summer is officially here. Thanks to the solstice, the long days will begin to get shorter from here on out. It’s that mid year time, when I find myself swamped in To Dos, activities, appointments and more. And many times, it is when I find myself stuck. Time for a summer reset.

Summer used to be a sanctuary for me. A reminder to slow down, pause, play, and breathe for a bit. As a child, it was the pause from school and days spent lingering at the pool. Summer represented pure, unadulterated play – a natural life reset.

And then, my summers became summers of work. I was a lifeguard for a few years, so I still got to hang out at the pool and I loved what I did. It was still a form of pause, from the brain work of college.

Eventually, I joined the work force and the seasons seemed to blend together. I became a workaholic. I spent my days in the office. Many mornings I went in when it was still dark, and many evenings I didn’t leave until dark. (In the summer no less.) On weekends I would cram in all the To Dos (because I dare not leave anything undone) and wondered why I felt so exhausted.

When I married the man I loved, and we had children, I found myself connecting with the seasonal shifts again. I found a new job where I could work from home, and choose my hours so I could be with my babies. In summer, we would go to the pool. We were outside more often collecting leaves, rocks, and watching clouds.


I started noticing a pattern at this point. Winter I would get quiet and go within. Spring I would take it all on – everything and anything. Which resulted in major burnout. Even though I was doing a lot, I would feel stuck and tired. I noticed that in summer, I would have to reset in some form or other. In Autumn, I was ready to take on a bit more again, but I always found myself looking toward that quietness of winter.

The last few years, July has become a month of reflection to me for multiple reasons. I look at my life and tweak a few things. I refocus on self care (which usually slipped big time in the Spring), review goals, my vision and realign.

This year, I’ve decided to invite you to join me. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or as though your life needs a bit or tweaking, this just might be for you.

We’ll check in with our self care, reset our environment and mindset, and integrate this wisdom into our lives.

Each week, for four weeks, you’ll get an email with with tips, and a weekly invitation to join me for a live Tea and Talk, where can check in as a group and meditate together.

When life feels out of sorts, or out of our control, a reset helps to refocus and refresh. So if you are ready for a summer reset, come and join us.

You can sign up here:


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Dive Deeper with Journal Prompts

  • Have you ever done a life reset? If so, when? How long has it been?
  • What do you usually do when you are stuck or overwhelmed?
  • Are you listening to what you really want? Why or why now? 

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